Graphic Design

I consider the presentation of my work to be just as important as the work itself. Logo and Web Design (not to be mistaken for web development — I don’t code!) are also skills I’m proud to include on my resume.

Logo Design

Click on the images in the gallery below to look at the development of the logos I designed.

Sivar Kasman

When taking a look at the logos I’ve crafted for myself over the years you can see that I was on a quest to find my voice in this world. Who am I, really, and what am I here to do? How do I squeeze the essence of ‘me’ into a tiny logo?
After laying out all of my previous attempts, it finally clicked what I thought my ‘brand’ needed. I finally created a logo that embodies my versatility as an artist. Much like the untamable sea, I’m as adaptable as water and as stubborn as the ocean currents. The waves in my logo aren’t just for show — they capture the essence of my creative spirit and cleverly hide my initials ‘S’ and ‘K.’

Final Logo


The same approach also applies to MK67, my mother’s company. Her logo was a unique challenge: no colours allowed, only black and white tones. Cleanliness, clarity and professionalism were the key words that I had in mind. However, after experimenting with over 20+ logo variations over the course of a year, I realized that the most crucial element was, in fact, her name. Turns out, ‘she’ was the brand all along. So after much trial and error, I went back to basics: focusing on typography as the core of her logo. Using vector illustration I created each letter and number from ‘MK67‘ from scratch.

Final Logo

Web Design

Click on the images in the gallery below to go to the websites I designed.
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