Just like my illustrative works, my musical compositions are worlds of their own. My music is best recognised by its wind instruments and percussion, with my instrumental range spanning from the piano to the flute. I aspire to always reinvent myself by exploring diverse instruments (I’m currently learning to play the cello!).
My music is distinctly characterised by its eastern influences, reflecting a style that makes me feel connected to my cultural roots.

New Beginnings

To celebrate the release of my website, my first single ‘New Beginnings‘ is now available for streaming on all platforms.

Selected Works

During my internship with the sound team at Media.Monks, I had the privilege of composing music for companies I never thought was possible. For instance, I composed music for the second video ‘Balancing & Growing’ for Nike’s Forest Frequencies.

Personal Works

Inspired by stories from my grandfather, who himself was a musician, I began my musical journey in 2010 using Flipnote Studio. This was a small animation app for the Nintendo DSi, which was not originally intended for music production. This newfound passion led me to explore music composition online, using music-making platforms such as Aviary Roc, later acquired by Adobe (and sadly, subsequently discontinued). However, it wasn’t until I got my hands on GarageBand (my very first DAW, Digital Audio Workstation) that my music took a significant leap forward. Fourteen years later and I’m still absorbed in the world of music creation. Below you’ll find a collection of selected works I’ve made over the years.
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