For my graduation project, I’ve written a graphic novel called ‘Nomad.’ It’s a story about the toxic relationship between Ebo and his father Doi, set in the barren post-apocalyptic lands of Basut. While it’s not the very first story I’ve ever written, it is the first one I’ve fully illustrated, printed and sold. It’s one of my proudest achievements and I still consider it to be the pinnacle of my creative abilities.
Illustration of two boys
A panel of Sumin and Ebo

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An illustration of a stack of books with the title Nomad.

Minor Game

Nomad initially started as a game idea I developed during the minor ‘Create a High-End Video-Game‘ at the HAN. It was chosen by a large majority of the students to be developed into a game alongside another project. After the initial demo level was created by a team of 30+ individuals (led by me and my project manager and good friend Martijn Zonnenberg), I felt compelled to expand upon the narrative and illustrate this story.
Illustration of a demo level from Nomad

The Companion Crate (CC)

It all began with the design of a crate. While crates typically serve as a foundation in environmental game design, what intrigued me the most was their portability. Initially, the crate’s design was quite boring and plain, but from this simplicity, complexity emerged. By incorporating spider-like legs, the Companion Crate came into existence. I began constructing the rest of the world around this ‘CC‘.


Ebo — the focal character of this story — was up next. I wanted to create a character who exuded an aura of aloofness, almost like a secret agent. But I also wanted him to possess an emotional depth that would gradually unfold as the story progressed. However, during the game’s development (as you can see by the sketches below), it was deemed more fitting to give him a rougher appearance to better fit the apocalyptic world he lived in.


After I gave Ebo his redesign, it was time to focus on writing. I revised the story throughout the entire development process non-stop. At one stage, the story even featured an evil AI that Ebo had to stop to halt the release of toxic gases into the world. Ultimately, I went for a more intimate storyline, centered around Ebo‘s relationship with his father.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is Nomad for sale? — No, not yet! I’m currently having a look at different paper types before going for a second print run.
  • Can I buy Nomad outside of the EU? — I’m not planning on releasing my book outside of Europe right now. Please stay tuned as I research the proper distribution channels!
  • When will Nomad release? — I will (re-)release Nomad when I’m satisfied with the look and feel of the book. The first 100 prints were limited edition and were only available at the 2023 graduation show.
  • Could you notify me once your book is released? — I’m honored that you’re interested in my book! Please reach out to me here, and I’ll add you to the mailing list. You’ll receive an email once my book is available.
Person smiling next to Nomad stand
My booth at the 2023 Graduation Show
Nomad is dedicated to my ‘sister from another mister’ and best friend Sandra 🦋, who suddenly passed away during my graduation on 15-03-2023 † at age 25. We shared both good and bad times, and just a glance was all it took for us to understand each other. A part of my childhood and sense of security went with you. I hope you’re proud of how far I’ve come! I miss you lots. May we meet again… 🩵
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